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I Am Thomas Lech.,A Devloper.,A Designer.

About Me

I've been a software developer and an UI designer for more than 3 years. I always put my clients first, and deliver the best solutions. I specialize in technologies like Django and AngularJS/Javascript.

Hello! I'M Thomas Lech.

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Devloper

Throught my career I've helped many businesses build reliable and scalable products. I've made sure that each of these products look beautiful using cutting-edge UI frameworks like material design. Here's a brief summary of the skills that I've developed along the way!

Django & Django-REST-framework
Machine Learning & Computer Vision
Css & Sass
Javascript & AngularJS


Let me share the major projects that I've worked on.

1 May 2015 - 1 July 2015

GROT Materialy Ogrodzeniowe

I’ve built an online e-commerce platform from scratch with Django where customers can purchase fence materials and order a fence set-up service.

August 2015 – December 2015

4G Clinical (USA)

I optimized and modernized the User Experience of a complex web application replacing existing bootstrap code with the cutting edge material design framework.

February 2016 – August 2016

RNStorage RootxNET

I’ve built a hybrid mobile application with cordova and AngularJS and its back-end side with Django and Django-REST-framework. I’ve written unit tests covering the whole functionality of the application with jasmine.

November 2016 – February 2017

MathOCR RootxNET

I’ve built a hybrid mobile application with cordova and angularJS and its back-end side with Django and Django-REST-framework. This application uses Machine Learning & Computer Vision to read handwritten mathematical formulas from a photo and processes them.

February 2017 – now


I’ve been maintaining and developing a complex Django Web application which handles hundreds of requests every hour. I’ve been working with Docker on a daily basis.

I am available for an Immediate Start.

My Work

I'm mainly known for building the MathOCR application. It helps out a lot of students around the globe dealing with their math homework. It uses Machine Learning and complex logic to read handwritten math formulas from photos. However, there are a lot more projects to explore.

My Blogs

I'm an active blogger since 2016. I love to write about Machine Learning, mobile development and cryptocurrencies. I have reached and helped a lot of people with my work.

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Mobile development & Machine Learning

9 Jun 2017 By Thomas Lech

I've recently came up with an idea to build a mobile app that let’s you take a photo of a handwritten formula and send it to a server. I usually build mobile apps with Java, ...


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9 June 2017 By Thomas Lech

Welcome back to my blog. Last time we built a mobile application that takes a photo of a handwritten math formula and sends it to server. Today, we’ll receive that photo ...


Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

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Blockchain represents a new paradigm for the way information is shared and companies are rushing to figure out how ...


Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

27 April 2018 By Thomas Lech

51% Attack is considered to be Bitcoin Network’s biggest threat, and for a good reason. While the attack is still hypothetical, it might be highly damaging to the network itself. Just because this possibility is so ...


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